maandag, april 24, 2006

Brief van een fan.

Brief van een fan, dit zat vanmorgen in mijn mailbox :
Dear Baliehof Farm,
I am writing you from our home in Newburyport, Massachusetts (north of Boston).
My wife Penny and I have just returned from a most wonderful week in Brugge.
Last Wednesday we happened upon the farmer's market in the Burg in Brugge and, while wandering around entranced, we came to your trailer and sampled some of your excellent cheese.
I bought a pound or so of the one with garden herbs and we brought it home and last night served it to some guests. I had it again for breakfast this morning, and then again for a snack this afternoon. (It isn't going to last long in our house, I'm afraid).
I wanted to write to tell you that it is the most delicious cheese we have had in a very long time, made even more special since we briefly got to meet you (Krista, I believe?). It's not often we get to buy cheese (or anything, for that matter) from the person who made it!
We are actually a little disappointed that we weren't smart enough to buy some of your Brie as well, since I am certain that it is wonderful too.
I visited your web site, which seems very well made, but with the drawback (for us) that it is in Dutch, of course, and even after a week in Belgium I can't understand a word. (I apologize for that ... you all speak English so well.)
So, I don't know if it is possible for you to mail your cheeses overseas, but if you can do that we would be so delighted to purchase at least your Brie, as well as that other cheese we sampled with the nuts in it.
Anyway, we thank you again and hope to visit Belgium in the future, and perhaps even see your farm as well.
And please let me know if you are able to ship your cheeses.
Josh Faigen
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