zondag, november 28, 2010

In een Engelse krant ....

Een goede klant bezorgde ons de tip dat wij als bedrijf vermeld werden in een Engelstalige krant.
Het gaat over de internationale krant Flanders Today
Via internet te lezen op

The Flemish have been lovers of butter since at least the Middle Ages, with specialised butter markets in places like the Westhoek in West Flanders, Mol in Antwerp province, the Pajottenland in Flemish Brabant and Haspengouw in Limburg. The hoeveboter, or farmhouse butter, of Baliehof in Jabbeke, near Bruges, is lightly pasteurised and then worked with an acid culture for an entire day. Then it is churned,which gives it its rich taste and, now and again, its trademark air bubbles, which are a sign of craftsmanlike,rather than industrial, production. Their karnemelk, or buttermilk, has also been awarded regional recognition.
Dat had ikzelf niet beter kunnen zeggen ....


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